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AgroTech Consulting: Services

Crop Management Services

Arial Farm

Crop Management Plan

Soil Testing; Color Nutrient Maps; Fertilizer, Manure and Pesticide Recommendations; Input Plan; Stand Counts; Weed Monitoring; Plant Tissue Analysis; Farm Records.

Services above are available on a yearly contract Basis.
Specific services can be customized to fit the needs of the producer on a per job, acre, or hourly basis.




Precision Ag Services

Imagery Services

  • Grid Soil Sampling
  • Zone Soil Sampling
  • Yield Mapping Services



Geo-Referencing Services

Field Boundaries

Field Features
  Non-cropped areas
Precise Field Acreages

Farm Coverage Maps - Field Acre Reports

Record and Map

          Tile Lines
  Tile Inlets
  Tile End Locations

Contract Services / Retail Accounts

Geo-Referenced Sample Collection

Samples are taken on gride, modified grid, or Zone basis. Grid size customized to fit your needs. All field boundaries, landmarks and sample locations are Geo-referenced.

Custom Lab Analysis

Nutrients tested for can be customized to the needs of you and your customers. We can work with your existing soils lab, or help you select a lab based on your needs. Buffer pH and Bray/Olsen break points can also be set to fit the needs of your area.


Two sets of color result maps are supplied for each field sampled. Colors and Legends can be customized for your business. A printed result summary is also supplied with each set of result maps for quick reference. Result data files for import into your recommendation software are supplied for each field. (BLN/DAT; Shape; other)

Application Maps

We can also create the application maps and application files for your variable rate system based on your fertility recommendations and yield goals.